REAL NAME: Luigi Piscopo





I'm Luigi and I'm from Italy!

I remember as if it was yesterday my first day in Second Life... (November 14, 2008)

I was bored after a few days! Since I did not work, I began to "play" again after a few weeks but the "game" began to take me more than a normal MMORPG, or any other online game!

I experienced immediatly an online relationship, anyways I never concerned virtual relationships I aspire to something more important far beyond a chat or a videochat!

Then I began to experiment everything from building... scripting... deejaying...

They say I'm a great DJ in my real life ... certainly thanks to my experience in Second Life!

In Second Life I learned many things and I met many beautiful people and equally bad, just like in real life.

This platform has given me the opportunity to freely express all that I can do: graphics, music, web design, programming...

Currently I'm a developer reasonably well known in Second Life.

My goal is bring you quality products and useful services!

I always hope having more creative ideas and most profitable of course! :P


Last Update: 20 May 2017
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